Satisfaction Measurement

From customer feedback, to information that allows you to act quickly. Continuously.

  • Measure
  • Understand
  • Act

Understanding is the key

Spectacular performances are within reach of those who can act based on customer feedback. But it is difficult to understand what people want.

Everything is easy

URS Insights collects real-time responses from all selected locations. It operates 24/7/365 to provide uninterrupted information based on which we can make quick decisions.

Do you want to try it too?

Our customers use URS Insights to boost customer satisfaction, employee involvement, get recommendations for specific products and services, and more. Do you want to try it too?

Real time assessment

Place the pods in key locations along customers pathways.
Because it is very visible, accessible and easy to use, a large volume of data related to
the thoughts and opinions of customers will be obtained.

Pod-ul URS Insights

Easy to install equipment, no operating costs, equipped with 5 intuitive buttons that reflect the customer’s opinion.

The pod is associated with a physical location; this means you can compare trends between different locations for more detailed information.

The new range express pod is versatile, it can be easily adapted to the image of your brand.

Multiple questions

Comparisons between locations

Trend analysis

Understand Why?

As soon as the ExpressPod will tell you what people think, you’ll want to understand Why? This is where QuickSurvey steps in: since it’s easy to access, more and more people will use it to send you details about your location.


QuickSurvey is a tool for collecting feedback related to a specific location: the client sends his opinion before leaving the area by directly accessing your own email address feedback@denumirecompanie.ro.

GPS location

Mobile optimized

Real-time feedback

Everything that matters. Expressed by numbers.

All data in the used ExpressPods or on QuickSurvey shall be found in your custom dashboard. here the information is summarized so that you can decide the actions that will help you become better/improve.

URS Insights

It’s all here. Evaluate performance using Net Promoter Score, find weaknesses by location or a by analysed period: our dashboard presents your data in an easy-to-understand way.

24/7 access to the opinion of our customers and with scheduled reports: this is where it all begins.

Scheduled reports

Comparisons by location and time

NPS and Insights Index

Details based on which you can make decisions

URS Insights combines ExpressPods and QuickSurvey to give you the complete picture. Do not accept any compromise.

Quality feedback

Being so easy to use, you will receive direct feedback in large volume.

Comparisons over time and between locations

Compare data by location to accurately identify the areas where intervention is needed. View feedback as a trend to see developments over the course of a day, week, or year.

The bigger, the better

The more ExpressPods you have, the stronger you are anchored in what the customer wants. Use them at every location, at every point that converges with customers’ route to have maximum impact.

Happy Employees / Happy Customers

Happy employees will lead to happy customers and vice versa. Use URS Insights to measure both data and get a complete approach.

Access 24/7/365

Access real-time feedback, NPS Index or Insights at any time. Schedule reports so that everyone receives the information they need on time.

You are in good company.

Renowned companies in Romania or abroad trust us.

Let's start


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Step 2


Step 3

Let's start by finding out more about how you plan to do it.

How many locations do you want to measure?

For example, how many "hot" areas would you like to monitor (the points many of your customers cross)?

What feedback do you want to collect?

Now let's talk about technology.

URS ExpressPod TM

An independent stand with 5 buttons and a quick feedback question.

URS QuickSurvey TM

An application related to a specific location, for detailed answers.

Which of the following tools would you like to use?

What optional features would you like to add to your product?

The outcome

We think your solution would be the one shown below.

We make these recommendations based on your answers.

URS ExpressPod TM

URS ExpressPod TM Custom

URS QuickSurvey TM

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